We love receiving feedback from our patients, there is nothing more pleasing than patients telling us how happy and confident they are after having treatment, and how they can’t stop smiling. Please find some of the feedback we have recently received below:

“I am happy with the treatment, my teeth look so much better.” AN, 12 years.

“Both my children have received excellent treatment here and both now have lovely teeth. Very many thanks.” Mrs N.

“The service was excellent and professional, particularly reception. Inside the orthodontic room everything was hygienic and my teeth feel great!” HH, 14 years

“The service I have received over the years has been of a very good standard and the staff at Mid-Wessex Orthodontics have always been really polite and friendly.” MG, 19 years

“I’ve only had a few appointments with Matt but I’ve been very happy with the treatment I have received from him. Reception staff are always friendly and helpful. I can’t stop grinning now I see my teeth.” CC, 16 years

“Thank you for your time and patience over the last couple of years, giving my daughter a wonderful smile.” GH, 16 years

“Having just had my brace removed after having treatment for three years, I couldn’t be happier with the results. The orthodontist and staff are very friendly and made me feel very welcome. They made sure my teeth were perfect, even if it did take a while, the end result is amazing. I feel a lot more confident in my smile thanks to Mid-Wessex Orthodontics.” RB, 13 years

“Mid-Wessex Orthodontics provide an excellent service. Appointment times are flexible and run on-time. Staff are helpful and enthusiastic. I am very happy with my treatment.” LT, 19 years

“I’m very pleased with the result! The service is great, very efficient and helpful.” EL, 16 years

“I am extremely pleased with the results, I haven’t had any problems with my treatment and have always been able to solve any problems with my braces quickly.” EK, 16 years

“I am happy with my teeth, I think it has made a big difference over the years. It has taken a while but Mid-Wessex Orthodontics have done an excellent job in straightening my teeth, keeping them clean and keeping my mouth in place.” S.C, 15 years

“The care and treatment I received at Mid-Wessex Orthodontics was impeccable – everyone from the receptionist, to the assistants and the orthodontists were welcoming, nice and well trained. I felt like my dental health was in a safe pair of hands (often literally!) the whole time. Mid-Wessex Orthodontics made the ordeal of braces not only manageable, but worth it for the outcome.” SJ, 18 years

“I was really pleased with the result of my braces and I knew exactly what I needed to do to get the braces off as quickly as possible.” 16 years

“I am very happy with the service that has been provided for me by Mid-Wessex Orthodontics. It has been a long 3 and a half years, but it has improved my teeth a lot and was very worth it. My teeth are now perfectly straight and I am very happy with the outcome.” MB, 17 years

“I’m really pleased with the outcome. When I first got them on they felt a bit strange.. Now, once they are off, they are definitely worth while.” 13 years

“A high level of service was provided to me during all my appointments, especially being seen when I had a problem and booking a new appointment was quick. This was a very good service for a patient as myself on the NHS.” 15 years

“Throughout my treatment I have always found Mid-Wessex Orthodontics treated me with consideration, ensuring I was comfortable. All procedures were explained and I didn’t feel intimidated to ask questions. I always felt that I was the main focus and the end result a priority.” KD, 13 years

Click on the images below to see just some of the thank you cards we have received from our happy, smiley patients!