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Adult braces – is it too late to straighten your teeth?

An interesting article about the rise in celebrities having orthodontic treatment. Would you wear braces for a film star smile? More and more adults are choosing to do just that. Catherine Middleton had her teeth straightened before the Royal wedding and the treatment she used, plus a number of other new techniques, are available at […]

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Dummy, thumb or finger sucking – how to stop!

DIGIT SUCKING – WHAT TO DO Article in Orthodontic Update Matthew Clover featured in the January issue of Orthodontic Update (January 2013 Volume 6. Number 1). He wrote an article discussing the aetiology, prevalence and effects of digit sucking, various means of stopping the habit and the problems that may occur if digit sucking persists […]

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Happy, Smiley People

We love the reaction when patients see themselves for the first time after their braces have come off. The look on their faces and their parents’ expression is truly wonderful and the best part of the job. Have a look at our Happy Gallery for some of the wonderful cards we receive as a thank […]

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New logo and identity launched for Mid-Wessex Orthodontics

Mid-Wessex Orthodontics are proud to reveal their new logo and brand identity. The new logo is made up of three clean colours – grey, blue and dark pink, which create a simple, modern, professional look for the practice. The circular icon in different shades of grey with flashes of blue and pink evolved out of […]

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New Principal partner joins Mid-Wessex Orthodontics

Mid-Wessex Orthodontics is pleased to announce they have a new Principal partner, Doctor Matthew Clover. As of the 1st of March 2013, Matt has taken over as the Principal partner in Mid-Wessex Orthodontics. Earl Read-Ward will continue to treat his existing patients and will be working in the practice two days a week, Matt will […]

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